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Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist, Manicurist, Make-up Artist, Consultant on Beauty and Personal Appearance, Beauty and Cosmetic Sales, Beauty Salon Manager, Beauty Salon Owner, Cosmetology Teacher, Supervisor, Director or School Owner?

Current licensing requirements for your 8 hours of continuing education for licensure renewal: We create fun and exciting, interactive, in-person classes for you to enjoy while completing your requirements, all you have to do is show up, we are here to help you and to get your renewal done in a one stop.  We offer class bundle discounts. Check or Cash only. For more information contact Lara Kelley 952-469-9823 or schedule an appointment.

  • I recommend going to this class and not the online class, this class is interactive, exciting and we had a great time!

  • Covers all topics perfectly I learned a lot and I would recommend this class!  Awesome presenter.

  • Learned, laughed, had a massive amount of fun while learning rules I never knew existed. Thank you, your class rocks!

  • The class is so helpful, was an Excellent class!

  • Lots of really good information, thank you, I enjoyed my time, and it went by so fast!

  • Love the interactive hands-on (we are beauticians) Topics were right on target and enjoyed the time.

  • Love the easy format and you taking the time to explain how to not get fined  by the board.  Teaching us about our rights in this industry.

  • Love how you explained the laws versus the rules and how we should always be informed about new infection control requirements and how to find those things.

  • This is my third class with you, and you manage to keep us informed and makes the class exciting each time I have taken.

  • Love your passion and thank you for fighting for us and our industry.



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