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Helping you become the best you can be.

Minnesota School of Beauty offers a variety of programs including cosmetology, esthetics/aesthetics, educator training, and nail technology. Our curriculum is designed to train future professionals in the skills they need to succeed in the cosmetology industry.



Minnesota School of Beauty provides the best quality beauty education and produces graduates with knowledge and skills that exceed the requirements needed to be successful in a cosmetology career  in the following areas of study:


To be a student at MN School of Beauty


STEP 1 - Prospective student - Set up an appointment to tour the school

STEP 2 - Prospective student - Attend a career planning session

STEP 3 - Prospective student - Submit a statement of intent or video

STEP 4 - School - Application reviewal process

STEP 5 - Prospective student - Registration

STEP 6 - Student / Parent - Complete FAFSA

STEP 7 - Student / Parent - Meet with financial advisor

STEP 8 - Welcome to your career at MNSB

Failure to attend a meeting, tardiness, or disregard for the process will affect the potential achievement of becoming a student.



If the answer you need is not found below, please reach out, we would love to help you.

Is Minnesota School of Beauty accredited? Absolutely! We are very honored to say the school is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners and a member of the Department of Institute and Veterans Affairs and Workforce investment Act certified. Proud member of Intercoiffure world's largest organization in the beauty industry .

What are your admissions requirements? Applicants requesting admission to Minnesota School of Beauty must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or recognized equivalent.

What are your class schedules like? Classes at Minnesota School of Beauty are Monday through Friday with classes scheduled between 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Do you offer academic and/or personal advising? Occasionally, students may encounter difficulty with their personal lives. As a school we encourage all students to keep personal life personal and outside of the learning facility, should it take place the Administration will make appropriate recommendations to assist with any issue that arises that is not educationally related. Academic advising is done monthly. Students will know how they are progressing through the segments of the program; with monthly evaluations on technical, attendance, appearance, and participation.

Do you offer on-campus housing? Minnesota School of Beauty does not maintain housing for students. However, we are happy to provide a list of reliable realtors and rental properties in proximity to the school. Simply ask for a list at time of enrollment.

Do you offer job placement assistance? Absolutely. Minnesota School of Beauty’s is here to assist you in your job search. Services available to students include resume development, job referrals, and guidance on professional appearance and job placement skills.

Can I make up work in the event of an absence? Unfortunately, it is hard to make up for any absences you may incur as every day we are learning new things and we are a clocked hour-based school any absences are strongly discouraged but, in the event, where an absence cannot be avoided we may encourage a repeat of a segment.

Do you allow leave of absences for students? Yes! We understand that life is full of unexpected challenges. If you need to be out of school for a period of time, you can request an appointment with the school manager to discuss options.

Do you offer financial assistance? Yes, we do offer several sources of financial aid and encourage all students to apply for as many scholarship programs available, ask your admissions representative for more details.

What are the requirements to qualify for financial aid? There are different types of financial aid, including grants and loans, private loans, and other types of scholarships. Each has its own set of rules and eligibility criteria. We encourage all students at Minnesota School of Beauty to apply for financial assistance as you may be eligible for aid that you did not even know was available. Learn more about financial aid options.

Jordan H.

Hands down, the best decision I could’ve ever made.  Everybody here truly cares, and although it is a common saying that all schools are pretty much the same, there are some differences with MSB. Book work is minimal, everything here is very hands on, and receiving education in haircutting from Nino gives us the ability to approach haircuts in a more advanced way.  On top of that, I left school feeling very prepared for my job, not just hard-skills wise, but time management and attendance towards everything in life improved drastically. 

Maddie R.

When first going into the school I felt very nervous but at the Minnesota School of Beauty there is a lot of guidance and help.  I ended up feeling very reassured and comfortable.  My class took a field trip to Cole’s salon one day where I learned a lot about their company and met managers, I’m grateful the school took us there because I now be working with them.  I’m happy I chose to go to Minnesota School of Beauty because I wouldn’t have the opportunity experiences without them!

Kimberly M.

The atmosphere within the school is close to one of a family they’ve kept be focused and truly believe in their students. The fact that is no tolerance for drama as well as an emphasis of leaving your outside things at the door, personal doesn’t mix well with business learning that has been hard, but I am glad I can separate it now. I have always struggled with testing, but the state test felt like a breeze.  Thank you, Lara, Diane, Nino and instructors I am forever in your debt.  I love this family. Thank you for your time, patience, support and care with all love. K



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