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Winter / Spring / Summer / Fall    

Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist, Manicurist, Make-up Artist, Consultant on Beauty and Personal Appearance, Beauty and Cosmetic Sales, Beauty Salon Manager, Beauty Salon Owner, Cosmetology Teacher, Supervisor, Director or School Owner.

Minnesota School of Beauty welcomes students with a flair for style, a dedication to learning, and a passion for helping people. Our dedicated professional instructors have continued to provide the highest quality education and training to future beauty professionals.

At Minnesota School of Beauty we strive to support students through every phase of their education, graduation, and career placement. While attending our classes and working in our student salon environment, you'll discover exciting future opportunities like working for major beauty companies or becoming a salon owner. Minnesota School of Beauty trained stylists help people look and feel great.

Your flair for style will blossom as you master basic, contemporary, and advanced techniques in cosmetology. Minnesota School of Beauty's comprehensive cosmetology program will teach you to:

  • Use the latest trends in haircutting, coloring, and design for men, women, and children

  • Master hair texture concepts and create the haircut or style that will please every guest

  • Provide nail services such as manicures and pedicures, as well as esthetic skin care procedures

  • Develop marketing and communication skills




CURRICULUM (1550 hours/10 months)

The curriculum that we use is proprietary intellectual property and information. We do not post copies of our curriculum. If needed we can share to prospective students in order to view subject matters. Our curriculum is multi-cultural (European, Asian and American educational system) and is one of the best systems in the beauty industry. Proud member of Intercoiffure of America Canada – The most prestigious organization in the global beauty industry.


Minnesota School of Beauty was voted #1 Vocational Facility South of the River.

The curriculum for students enrolled in a Cosmetology course shall consist of one thousand five hundred fifty (1550) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations, covering all practices constituting the art of Cosmetology. Technical instruction means instructions given by demonstration and classroom participation. Practical operations mean actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person.

The following is a description of the minimum technical and practical subjects.

Health and Safety: Including instruction on hazardous substances, chemical safety, safety and data sheets, protection from hazardous chemicals, preventing chemical injuries, health and safety laws and regulations, and preventing communicable diseases.


Health & Safety Course: Including instruction on hazardous substances, basic labor laws, and physical and sexual assault awareness.

Disinfection and Sanitation: Including instruction on disinfection procedures to protect the health and safety of consumers and the technician and proper disinfection procedures for equipment used in establishments. The mandated agents that must be in the disinfectant for proper dilution and procedure.


Chemical Hair Services: Including instruction on coloring, straightening, waving, bleaching, hair analysis, predisposition, and strand test.

Hairstyling Services: Including instruction on arranging, blow drying, cleansing, curling, dressing, hair analysis, shampooing, waving, and non-chemical straightening, and hair cutting, including the use of shears, razors, electrical clippers and trimmers and thinning shears, for wet and dry cutting.

Skin Care: Including instruction on chemical and manual facials and massaging, stimulating, exfoliating, cleansing, or beautifying the face, scalp, neck, or body by the use of hands, esthetic devices, cosmetic products, antiseptics, lotions, tonics, or creams that do not result in the ablation or destruction of the live tissue.

Hair Removal and Lash and Brow Beautification: Including instruction on tinting and perming eyelashes and brows and applying eyelashes to any person, and includes removing superfluous hair from the body of any person by use of depilatories, tweezers sugaring, nonprescription chemicals, or waxing.

Manicure and Pedicure: Including instruction on water and oil manicures, hand and arm massage, foot and ankle massage, nail analysis, and artificial nail services.


To be a student at MN School of Beauty


STEP 1 - Prospective student - Set up an appointment to tour the school

STEP 2 - Prospective student - Attend a career planning session

STEP 3 - Prospective student - Submit a statement of intent or video

STEP 4 - School - Application reviewal process

STEP 5 - Prospective student - Registration

STEP 6 - Student / Parent - Complete FAFSA

STEP 7 - Student / Parent - Meet with financial advisor

STEP 8 - Welcome to your career at MNSB

Failure to attend a meeting, tardiness, or disregard for the process will affect the potential achievement of becoming a student.



Mark Wright

Sensei Shear Systems 

As a long time producer of high quality ergonomically designed scissors, it was refreshing and exciting to talk with Lara Kelley of Minnesota School of Beauty. So often I talk to school owners who are simply looking for the cheapest scissors they can get for their school. Instead Lara specifically wanted tools to give her students the best chance of achieving a successful career and to do it in a healthy and sustainable way. If we had more school owners who thought like that this industry would be a much better place. Thank you for caring Lara. 

Lexi K.

My time at Minnesota School of Beauty was filled with all emotions. I went through good and hard times here, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The people here are truly so great, they pushed me to do my best and picked me up when I needed it most. They really do care about their students here and want nothing but the best for you. When I didn’t understand something, they were right there to help me and explain it. I feel the experiences I had here were ones I wouldn’t be able to get at other schools. I am very pleased and grateful for my experience at Minnesota School of Beauty. They really do help you to become the very best you can be! 

Cassidy T.

MSB gave more to me than just knowing how to do my job. They helped me learn more about myself. They taught me how to handle people, how to have more confidence, how to believe in myself and how to ask for help. Half way through the year things for me were not looking good and I was ready to give up, but Lara, Diane and the instructors wouldn’t take no, as an answer and they pushed me in the right direction and gave me what I needed to keep on pushing myself.  We took field trips to salons, that’s how I found where I wanted to work.  I have met a lot of past students of MSB and everyone had good things to say about the school.  I am proud to be a graduate student at the Minnesota School of Beauty!


  1. You will need to go online to: 

  2. To be able to sign your FAFSA online, you will need to create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID and password. If your parent(s) financial information appears on your FAFSA, you will also need a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID and password for you parent(s). You can create a FSA ID at:

  3. When entering your data online you will be asked for a school code. Because our school does not have a federal school code, the Minnesota State Grant Office has told us to advise our students to use the code for the University of MN, which is 003969.

  4. Set up an appointment with the Financial Assistance officer (if your information includes parent information, it is best if your parent(s) attend your meeting with Financial Assistance.

  5. When you meet with Financial Assistance you will need to bring:

  6. Copies of the tax returns used to fill out your FAFSA(s)

  7. Printouts of the information that you submitted on your FAFSA(s) or copies of your Student Aid Report(s) (SAR).

  8. Your FSA ID and password and a parent FSA ID and password if applicable.

  9. At your Financial Assistance appointment, the Financial Assistance officer will go over the FAFSA with you. At this time you will fill in any missing information and your FAFSA will be double checked for accuracy. The officer will then prepare an estimate of available assistance.

  10. A few days after you complete your FAFSA, a Student Aid Report (SAR) will be available for you on the FAFSA website.  Please print your SAR and bring with you to the school.

  11. Come see the Financial Assistance officer on the first scheduled Financial Assistance Day after you start school to make sure everything is in place and fill out any additional paperwork.  

  12. Welcome to the MN School of Beauty!



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